Lead Data Operation

Syarat – Syarat Melamar Kerja di Posisi Lead Data Operation di Perusahaan PT Elabram Systems

Batasan Usia Pelamar
antara 24 tahun s.d. 35 tahun.

Syarat Jenis Kelamin Pelamar
Pria dan wanita bisa melamar, Tidak ada syarat harus pria atau harus wanita

  • Have Leadership and good communication to managed Team.
  • Bachelor’s degree from computer science or related fields, or equivalent software engineering experience
  • Good at SQL knowledge and experience working with relational databases, query authoring (SQL). Preferably on MS SQL.
  • Experience in monitoring, operation, and development of tools such as ELK Stack, Grafana, Confluence, CDSW, SSIS, SSMS
  • Understanding service management process related to service operation area such as Release, Inventory, Service Request, Event, Incident and Problem Management.
  • Knowledge in ETL / data pipeline applications. Preferably Microsoft SSIS
  • Experience in managing Database such as Ms SQL, MySQL. Knowledge in other databases will be additional value: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, IBM DB2.
  • Experienced in performing root cause analysis on internal and external data and processes to answer specific business questions and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Have Experience as a Leader Point Plus.
  • Have an understanding and experience regarding the reporting dashboard and data warehouse concepts
  • Have troubleshooting capabilities, understand system logs, analyse error messages and perform minor changes or hotfixes as workarounds.
  • Have the ability to compile and manage SOP Platform.
  • Willing to work on shift 24×7.

Pengalaman Kerja minimal 48

Tanggung Jawab

  • Monitoring Data operation & Senior data operation work (Daily/Weekly/Monthly), ensuring jobs are running and successful
  • Actively communicate & coordinate with the team regarding operational work
  • Perform escalation when issues/constraints occur in production
  • Provide notifications to important groups when issues / problems occur
  • Making documentation, tickets and looking for information related to issues that occur in operations (When did the issue occur, Cause of the issue, Criticality of the issue, Lesson learn related to the issue)
  • Conduct basic checking related to issues that occur in operations
  • Ensuring all operational activities are running properly and normally (dashboard checking, utilization, service checking, etc)
  • Follow up with related departments if there are documents / SOPs that have not been completed
  • Managed team and divide the work according to the applicable SOP and shift. as well as being responsible for the work of the team in the shift.
  • Perform data exploration, data cleaning, data imputation, and feature engineering on unstructured and structured data
  • Design, Develop and maintain report used for daily operation, management and analytics
  • Build the infrastructure for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data from a wide variety of data sources.
  • Develop and maintain all data flows and prepare all ETL processes according to business requirements and incorporate all business requirements into all design specifications
  • Identifying, designing and implementing internal process improvements including re-designing infrastructure for greater scalability, optimizing data delivery, and automating manual processes 
  • Use analytics tools that utilize the data pipeline to provide actionable insights
  • Document all test procedures for systems and processes


IDR 8.000.000 – 12.000.000

Profil Perusahaan  PT Elabram Systems

Perusahaan PT Elabram Systems memiliki pekerja dengan jumlah 51 – 200 Pekerja pekerja, Gaji untuk pekerja baru saat ini adalah sekitar 8 sampai 12 juta. Perusahaan yang terletak di Jakarta Pusat ini terus berkembang dan mengundang Anda untuk bergabung dan menjadi keluarga besar Perusahaan ini.
Kategori Perusahaan ini adalah :
Billing Company Name : PT Elabram Systems
Billing Company Address : Pusat Bisnis Thamrin City, Lt. 7 Units OS O1 A,B and OS O2 A,B,C, JI. Thamrin Boulevard (Kebon Kacang Raya), Jakarta Pusat

Alamat Perusahaan PT Elabram Systems

Alamat : Pusat Bisnis Thamrin City, Lt. 7 Units OS O1 A,B and OS O2 A,B,C, JI. Thamrin Boulevard (Kebon Kacang Raya), Jakarta Pusat
Telepon : 021-29558688 – 2503
Fax : 021-2955 8690
Email : kanigara.l@elabram.com
Website :

Jika Anda merasa memenuhi syarat dan Gaji yang ditawarkan yaitu IDR 8.000.000 – 12.000.000 cocok buat Anda, segera kirimkan lamaran ke e-mail kanigara.l@elabram.com dengan Surat Lamaran yang baik dan CV yang lengkap sebelum penawaran di tutup pada 2023-06-17.

Saat Postingan ini di tulis sudah ada setidaknya 0 Lamaran yang masuk, artinya minimal ada 0 saingan yang memperebutkan posisi ini, persiapkan diri Anda dengan membuat CV yang baik dan berdoa yang khusuk kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa agar Anda yang diterima.

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